Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentines and Vomit

We've had a crazy February. It's gone by fast and we've had a lot of fun and some not so fun. We've had two weekends of children with yucky tummies (I HATE IT!) and hopefully are on the mend for a while. I went back to work this month two days a week at The Little Hearts Preschool teaching music and being an aide (which is code for butt-wiper and janitor). Valentine's Day was fun. Both kids had parties at school and were able to give and receive Valentine's from friends. Mom went to Family Christian Stores and found some cute Valentines that said things like, "God love is powerful" and "God loves you". Very appropriate for little ones to give I thought. Amaya filled out all her Valentines and it took some convincing to get her to agree to buying Valentine's instead of making them out of construction paper. Now, don't misunderstand me. I LOVE doing things like making your own Valentines. But, Amaya has 19 other children in her class. Last year she had eleven. And Mommy ended up making 8 out of the 11 Valentine's after Amaya got tired after just three. So, this year I was voting for taking the easy option what with having a newborn and CADEN. And with our box of ready made Valentines we had enough left over to give to everyone at church. So, it was a very fun time for all of us. And Caden has really come to realize is love of "Chok-it!" (chocolate)
So, being back at school.....that has been interesting. I really enjoy being there - once I get there.
Getting there is the hard part. Amaya has to by at school by 7:40. I need to leave by 7:50 to be on time and that means having everyone ready for the day and out the door by 7:30. I make lunches the night before. Get everyone's bags ready. Clothes laid out. Well, my goal is to do all these things the night before. Sometimes I fall asleep. So, it's something we're working on. We'll get there. At the end of the day you can only do what you can do, right?
So, here's some pics from this month:

This is Amaya before her school talent show. Her class did a dance to "Heal the World" by Michael Jackson. Interesting song choice I thought. But, still, fun to watch. We would have had pictures of the actual event but Caden dropped my camera on our tile floor and I then stepped on it. Broken camera. I've got to stop stepping on my electronics. It's not good for them. The PTA of Deer Creek Elementary had the talent show as a fundraiser and Amaya was so excited. There were TONS of people there and we ended up standing in the back of the auditorium but we got to see her perform and look grown-up and so little all at the same time.

Just a few pics of our last house church. The best thing to do before the grown-ups even attempt to eat is get all the children food, drink, napkins and seated. Of course, we still get up and down the entire time but at least we try. We are a house church of twelve adults and 13 children. Actually that number doesn't seem so bad when you look at it in black in white. It's the full color, live version that can make you a little overwhelmed. But, what a blessing and and a joy it is to see these children being family and growing up in a community of faith and seeing the examples of not just their parents but the adopted mommies and daddies as well. We love our kids and wouldn't change the way we do church for anything.

So, that was February for the Russell's. I have to go now because Caden is eating chapstick and just dumped out an entire bottle of Mr. Bubbles bubble bath on his floor, rug and rocking chair. How ironic that I just wrote about the blessing of children and now look what my little blessing just did......AAAAaaaahhhhh!!!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

100 Swedish Fish

Just want to apologize before you watch. I have a coughing attack in the middle of the video, but she was so cute and doing so well that I didn't want to redo it. So, you have my lovely coughing. And if you know me you know how lovely that sound can be.

Tomorrow is the 100th day of school and we are excited and anxious to see what wonderful things this day has in store for us. Well, that's mostly Amaya who feels that way. There has actually been quite a bit of preparation involved in this day. First, we had to decide on a snack that we could send a hundred of to school. We picked Swedish Fish, as you heard in the video, and then found out that it wasn't supposed to be candy. I suppose I should have known that, but I never thought about it. Amaya wanted to take something she really enjoys. She picked Swedish Fish, so we took Swedish Fish. Next we had to get a hat (thanks Mom) and decide on a hundred things to put on the hat. At first, we thought jelly beans but that became jelly beans and one gorilla. Which turned into jelly beans, a gorilla, a fairy and a dime. And it just went on from there to our version of an "I Spy" hat. So, tomorrow is the 100th Day of School Celebration and Amaya can't wait!!