Monday, October 13, 2008

Caden's Second Birthday Party

Last Friday night we got together at my parent's house to celebrate Caden Shawn's second birthday! We've been excited for Caden to have his "Doooooor-othy" party for awhile now and it did not disappoint. ALMOST all of our closest friends and family where there and we had a fun night of eating Frito pie and just enjoying watching the kids play together.

Duke takes Caden by surprise to get a pictue of the birthday boy.

Caden and Gram

Emma, Torie and Amaya enjoying some "girl time" away from the little brothers!

Caden's favorite part: singing "Happy to you!" and blowing out the candle.

Cake cute.

Chase and Ryan help Caden open and enjoy his presents!

Caden opens his present from Papa and Nana: Thomas the Train books!

We LOVE books at our house!

Aubrey (in the corner).

Charlie, Handy Manny, Ryan and Caden put Caden's new tools to good use.

A (almost) happy end to a fun night!
All the brothers and sisters get together for picture.
All cooperate, except the birthday boy.

Ryan, Torie, Ashtyn, Aubrey, Amaya, Caden, Emma and Charlie

To all of you who were there we appreicate and love you so much for a being a part of this special day in Caden's life. To all of you who couldn't be there know that you are missed and that we love you!