Sunday, November 1, 2009

Boo Fall Funival Fest Carnival

Sadie is driving people bananas!

Rrrroarrr!! Jordan the lion.

Buzz Lightyear has a strange smile.

Amaya: The Queen of NaughtyHam.

Nana and Caden. They love!

Caden helps Aunt Karen blow out her birthday candles.

Caden spent some special quality time with Amy this weekend.

Amaya did not hold back when it came to putting her hands in and pulling out the pumpkin goop.

Pumpkin carving is gross.

Caden was a little more timid.

We had an exciting, fun, tiring and long weekend together with family. Nana and Papa were able to come in from Mexico for a week long visit. Uncle Jay, Aunt Sherry, Meagan and Ryan were visiting from Lubbock. Our cousin Ian drove in from A&M. SO lots of family and lots of food and lots of good times. We ate dinner together Friday night and much thanks to Papa and Nana who cooked a TON of good authentic Mexican food that was quite delicioso! Saturday we celebrated Aunt Karen's birthday and we also celebrated Nana's birthday a little early since we won't see her in December on her actual birthday. Then, we ended the night with some trick 0r treating with Papa and Nana. Amaya was totally into it and so was Caden until we got to some houses with some scary guys. Caden was done and so we went home pretty quickly. It was such a good weekend and I am happy to have spent such a good time with such good family and friends.