Monday, May 11, 2009

One Of These Is Just Like the Other!

Okay. No one can say they don't see the resemblance. The top pic is Amaya and the bottom one is of Jordan. Pretty cool, huh?

Amaya was very much into Mother's Day this year. She's been making plans with Nana for a while now and the planning becamse quite intense this past week. Friday night Amaya spent the night with Duke and Nana so that she and Nana could get up Saturday morning and make blueberry pancakes and come over to our house bringing me breakfast in bed. I actually had been up for a while (thanks, Caden) and had fallen back asleep on the couch when Amaya and Nana showed up with pancakes!! So sweet! Amaya woke me up by singing me the song she wrote for me (sung from the page she had written a staff, music notes and the words on). She was so excited and it was really sweet. And, because she is my child, none of it was really a surprise because that kid cannot keep a secret. She also gave me my gift (yes, there was more) Saturday night because she just could not wait until Sunday morning: Bath and Body Works foot scrub, lotion and socks. Caden and Jordan were mentioned in the cards she wrote and made for me but they were just kind of the back-up singers to Amaya's DIVA party and occassion planning. She is currently planning a "summer party" for which she is composing songs and music for Me, Debra, Chris and Heidi to sing. She would like us to go to her Gram's house and sing these songs that she is writing in honor of Amy's unborn child, Sadie. That's the best explanation I can give of what is going on in her head. I don't think it is sufficient enough for Amaya's grand plans!
Sunday we had a Mother's Day lunch at my mom and dad's house. My great-grandmother, grandmother, great-aunt, aunt, mom, sister and myself were the moms. Wow. There were a lot of us. It was Amy's first Mother's Day and she is so cute. I wish I had a picture of her, but if you want to see her cute pregnant self look here. We had lunch and then my boys, both of them, took a nice long nap. It was lovely. I watched Journey To The Center of the Earth with my parents and it was very nice to just sit.
So, YEA for Mother's Day and getting to be still for a while.