Thursday, April 8, 2010

What A Doll!

Amaya has been diligently working on an independent study project for several weeks now. Each student was told they could pick the toy or game of their choice to study and to learn the process they did a group study project over Silly Putty. They even got a chance to make their own Silly Putty.
(On a side not let me just tell you that Silly Putty is not half as fun as it used to be because they've changed the ink they use to print newspapers and it does NOT come off on the Silly Putty anymore. Maybe I should get myself a Thrifty Nickel or a Greensheet. I bet they use the old-fashioned stuff.)
So, Amaya decided she would study dolls. Not Barbies. Not Cabbage Patch Kids. Just, dolls.
Wow, Amaya! What a broad topic you have picked!

So, we researched on the Internet, purchased an extremely creepy book about dolls at Half-Price books and began learning oh so very much about dolls. Here's where we came upon a slight problem. The first sub-topic she was asked to research was the origin of the toy or games she chose to study. Do you know what the origin of the doll is? I do. The first dolls were used as symbols of the gods (i.e. idols) or to ward off demons. I have no problem with Amaya having this knowledge and learning everything she can about history or the way things work. The problem was in how to put this information in a format suitable for a first - grade study project. Many of our sources referred to the origin of dolls as either pagan or demonic. We finally decided to stick to the facts as we knew them and press on with the project.
A speech, a tri-fold board and a product.
Those are all the things that had to be a part of this project. It was a big undertaking and it took us quite a while to get it done.
She worked hard. She was so excited about what she was learning and she really didn't seem to get tired or bored with the work. I mean, we both got a little touchy that last night trying to finish the tri-fold board and I must confess that a lot of that was my fault. I have such a hard time letting Amaya own things. I have problems letting her be in the kitchen. Sometimes even in her own room. And, I most certainly had to hold my tongue and let this be Amaya's project. Not Mommy's. So, Amaya and I both had a learning experience thanks to this project.
Also, I would just like to add, I am very pleased (thrilled) that we are done. She is the first grade. We have such a LONG way to go. Fun. Three kids. Awesome.

She keeps on smiling. So proud of that kid!

Caden was his ever helpful self. We learned after many frustrating evenings that it was better to let Amaya stay up just a little bit later than usual and work on things AFTER Caden was in bed.

Studying her book and learning how to make clothespin dolls.

Working with Chase on her speech. He was a very agreeable secretary.

Our finished "product". Clothespin dolls. Amaya can't get that in her head and keeps refering to them as paper clip dolls. She's so cute.

"Night of the Experts" is Tuesday, April 13, 2010 in the Deer Creek Elementary cafeteria beginning at 6:30 p.m.
Amaya's tri-fold board and product will be displayed for all to see.

Pictures will definitely be posted and hopefully a blog about the experience.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Bunny Day!!

Easter 2010
Okay, it's not much information but just a small glimpse of how our day went. Taking the time to import, upload and caption pictures is about all the time I have for blogging right now.
Happy Easter!!
Easter baskets before the kids attacked.

Nana and Amaya at Carino's

Sadie loves her some Duke

I don't know. But, it sure is cute.

Of course Buddy had to come spend Easter eggs with us.

I don't think I will ever get one with all three looking at the camera and smiling.